Happy Holidays From DFC Racing
Date: Wednesday, December 10 @ 23:30:16 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Twas the night before Christmas,
And I thought back on our season.
It felt pretty good,
And all with good reason.

After a dissaster on opening night,
Most folks wondered if we'd ever be back.
But when all of the DFC crew gets together,
You just can't keep us away from the track.

Ya see DFC Racing is put together,
From the best friends & fans you'll ever find.
And when it comes to busting ass,
They never seem to mind.

With the help of these fine folks,
And some late nights with Bill Franks,
We never missed a race,
So to ALL of them I say THANKS!!!!

I'm reminded of Santa's visit,
This same time last year.
You remember the story,
He made me a promise and we shared some beer.

He said this would be the year,
We'd get our first win.
He kept his promise,
And I can still see Richie's big grin.

That was the happiest redneck,
That I've ever seen.
Because he did it without cheating,
And racing them all clean.

I'll never forget that night,
Or the sound of the roar,
That came from the crowd,
As ol' #9 came off turn four.

We also made some new friends,
And they make each race night worthwhile.
They're some of the finest people,
We've ever chased around that 3/8 mile.

So after such a great season,
What do I ask of Santa this year?
I'd settle for a top five in points,
And another cold beer!

Happy Holidays to all of you from DFC Racing!!

BTW: You can still find last years holiday message from the "old news" link on the main menu.

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