And The Winner Is........
Date: Thursday, January 01 @ 22:15:26 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Since 2003 is finally over I guess it's time to announce the winner of our most popular survey ever. This survey was suggested by our fans and fellow racers towards the end of the racing season. I thought it would be a great way for them to express their opinions on who they thought should be voted "Assholes Of The Year". It was a close race all the way and near the end, the folks at WCS made a very strong surge. It wasn't enough however, to overtake the eventual winners. It seems kinda ironic that the folks that won are no strangers to coming out on top. Hell, they feel they should win everything, every week, so I guess they'll be proud. Ummm,, congrats I guess, go out to the entire 31 team. Nobody can ever say they didn't earn this win. ;-) And they did it all by the rules this time too. Now fellas, before you get all upset and stuff, just remember this was a poll of racers and race fans. They've clearly stated their opinions just like they have all season long. This time there's just numbers to prove what they feel. Also, nobody was brainwashed or paid to vote. The results really shouldn't be much of a surprise anyway. Maybe if you try real hard you'll pull off a repeat next season. :-)

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