Sunday Night Thunder
Date: Monday, February 16 @ 17:44:28 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We may not be able to hit the real tracks just yet but that hasn't stopped us from getting some racing in lately. Our online racing has officially begun and it's been a blast so far. This past weekend we were happy to see our old buddy Beachbum join us. So far, all of the members have enjoyed some awesome runs and best of all alot of fun. This is what racing is supposed to be like. A great bunch of folks getting together for some pure entertainment. Oh sure, there's been some bent virtual sheet metal but nobody seems to mind since they don't have to spend a week fixing it like on a real car. And all of this fun is absolutely FREE! How can you pass that up? If you haven't already joined us, what are ya waiting for? You can find us online around 7:00 on Sunday nights and find more info in the forums. For those of you racing with us, thanks for some good fun racing. I look forward to plenty more of the same.

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