Now We're Ready To Get Started
Date: Sunday, February 29 @ 18:52:38 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

The car finally made it inside this weekend and already things are on a roll. Half of the body is off and we're working on making a few changes before putting it all back. Tonight we even came up with the needed body panels to get this thing looking good once again. Thanks Duke and Dave!! We also got to meet the new owner of WCS today and hear their plans for this season. They plan on making some major changes and I sure hope things work out for them. I guess we'll see if all of this makes things better for all classes out there. We've all heard great promises in the past only to be let down once the season started so I'm going with the "wait and see" attitude. I do have some sad news for you folks though that we learned at the meeting. Our favorite Tech Nazi will NOT be returning this season. I know you will miss him greatly but I bet you'll get over it. I'm over it already. ;-) Anyway, I wish the new owner the best and I expect all our fans to do what they can to support them in their quest to make WCS a great track for racers and fans. If they hold up their end of the deal, DFC Racing will do all we can to help them promote the track. Anyway, it sure feels great to finally get started on the rebuild. Stay tuned............

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