It's Purrty But Still Silent
Date: Saturday, April 03 @ 23:54:59 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

It's been a pretty crazy week around here but things are finally going in the right direction now. After finding one of our heads was cracked things got really ugly for a few days but once again it looks like Bill Franks saved our asses. We'll know for sure on Monday if we're alright but things look good. Our plans for throwing together a grenade motor are now out the window and we're starting from scratch with a fresh block and all the goodies. I'm not so sure just how we're gonna pay for all of this but it will be worth it no matter what. Hopefully we'll get our block back in time to assemble the new motor and sneak in a couple road tests before hitting the track. The major improvements to the car this week were the work of fellow racer, Dave McMillen. He came through with his offer to letter the car and he busted his ass to make this thing look great. THANKS Dave!! You can see his work in our new gallery and while you're there you can see some of his pics in the new McMillen Racing section. Yes, I'm finally getting around to making some of the changes around here that I've been planning for some time. I'll be opening up the site to racers that are interested in posting their own pics and news posts. Any racers that may be interested email me or see me at the track. In sponsorship news, we're happy to welcome Classic Auto Glass and Stark County Emergency Vet Clinic for the 2004 season. They'll be joining returning sponsors Miner's Pump & Plumbing, South Erie Body, Spadone Proformance, and of course Wengerd Enterprises. THANKS folks!! You make all of this possible. We're still looking for more support to help us finish this motor project and buy some badly needed tires to start the season. If any more of you out there would like to help out we'd be more than happy to have you aboard. You too can become a part of the most fun racing team in all of motorsports. ;-) Just contact me or you can even use the "donate" button on the right of the page. All help no matter how big or small is greatly appreciated. Those of you that know us, know we make the best of whatever we have, so rest assured that your donation will go a long way. Hopefully the next news update will let you know how the road test went.

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