It's Finally Road Test Day!
Date: Thursday, April 15 @ 22:58:59 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

I was starting to think this day would never get here. After a few more last minute set backs things weren't looking too good for making it to the track for opening night. That's when my good friends at McClelland Racing Engines came to the rescue. Thanks Bob, Shawn, and Kathy!! Once they bailed me out with an instant line bore job, we had all the goodies we needed to get busy building the motor. This year was very special because for the first time ever, I turned the job over to somebody else. Not just anybody would get this chance but I figured it was about time to let my 13 year old son, Robert have a shot at it. I was still there to supervise and help of course, but this one is his baby. It's even complete with a special "DFC JR" serial number. I'm not sure who is more proud, him or me. Nice job Little Fella! Anyway, we finally wrestled the damn thing down into the car last night but once again our luck went to hell. Before we could even break in the motor, the fuel pump started puking and we had to call it a night. Tonight went much smoother though and Richie was finally able to take that ride that he waits all winter for. It was road test time and even though he still can't shift worth a damn, he had a blast. He did mentioned something about lack of traction but we were kinda hoping for that. Road test day wouldn't be complete without a visit from the local cops and they didn't let us down this year either. Thanks for stopping by Doug. It only takes one asshole in the neighborhood to try to spoil some fun I guess. Too bad for them we know all the cops quite well and they kinda seem to get a kick out of coming to see us. Neener,neener,neeeeeener!! ;-) We still have a few small jobs left to do but it sure looks like we're gonna make it on time for opening night. Who woulda thunk it? There's one hell of a list of folks that made it possible to get things done in time. They include Bill Franks, Bob Smith, Casey Smith, Story Motors, Murphy's Auto Machine, Dave McMillen, and McClelland Racing Engines just name a few. Thanks to all of those who busted their asses to help us out!! P.S. Just a note to those pesky neighbors,,,, get ready cuz the season is just getting started!! Learn to enjoy it like the rest of the neighborhood. ;-)

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