Heading To Lakeville
Date: Thursday, April 22 @ 00:29:18 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

As many of you know we're ummm,, less than pleased with the new time schedule, and some other things, at WCS so we've been kicking around a few options. We've decided that we'll be heading to Lakeville Speedway to see if our class is more welcome down there. Our final decision for the rest of the season has not yet been made, but we owe it to ourselves, our sponsors, and our fans to give Lakeville a try. Even though we usually have more success at Lakeville, it's tough to leave our favorite track behind. It's just that the fun has been taken out of racing at WCS right now, and that's something I never thought could be done for me personally. I found myself saying this week that I didn't give a shit if we raced anytime soon again or not. Now that's just wrong!! I was reminded by somebody this week that DFC Racing is all about fun, so I guess it's time to get back to what we do best. Having fun! Anyway, if ya wanna see ol' #9 in action this week, be sure to get to Lakeville Speedway on Friday, for their opening night. There will be open testing starting at 2:00 and racing for all five divisions starts at 7:30. General admission is only $5 so what are ya waiting for??? Come kick up some dust with us!

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