Double Your Pleasure
Date: Monday, April 26 @ 23:47:52 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

You folks out there have gone and done it now. You voiced your thoughts on how things were run at WCS and they've listened. I'm pleased to say that they've changed the time schedule for race day to a much more sensible arrangement. Be sure to check it out on their website. Thanks goes out to all of you that helped make this happen including the folks at WCS for doing the right thing. While working on the car tonight we discussed our options for this weekend and we've decided to treat our fans to a double dose of racing this week. Yes, you'll find us at Lakeville on Friday night and we'll be returning to WCS on Saturday night!! We've never tried something like this before, but it sure sounds like fun to me. It may not be possible to do this very often due to the costs involved, but we figured it was a great way to show our appreciation to our fans and also to both race tracks. Hang on tight cuz this should be one hell of a fun weekend!! Oh yea,, I want to welcome our newest registered member here on the site, Rory Reed. It's about time ya signed up dammit and congrats on the ass whoopin ya laid on us last Friday night. All of us at DFC Racing wish you the very best of luck in your championship quest this season. We'll gladly wait til you get yours before we go chasing one. ;-)

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