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Date: Monday, May 03 @ 22:09:57 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Our friend Ken Cunningham from K-RaCe Photos was kind enough to send us some great pics for the gallery today and I've got them posted for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to Ken's great work, you'll now find some new pics of Ol' #9, along with some shots of Dave McMillen, Denny Shear, and Rory Reed in their new sections. THANKS Ken for all your help and support!! It's great to see a true professional take such interest in our class, and in our teams. It really does mean alot to us "little guys". Hey now,,,no short jokes!! ;-) BTW: We're still planning on making it to both Lakeville and WCS this weekend to make up for our lost weekend last week. We're looking forward to trying the recent changes to the car at WCS to make sure we're headed in the right direction. I hope to see ya all out there both nights.

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