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Date: Monday, May 10 @ 12:06:45 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

The car is now rolling again and we can finally unload it from the trailer to check out the rest of the damage. Our main concerns now are front and rear suspension parts along with the alignment of things. Once we get past all that we'll worry about the body parts. It may not look quite as nice for the rest of the season but if we can get it to handle like it did Saturday night, I'll be more than happy with that. If all goes well, we'd like to make it to Lakeville to try it out this Friday. Also, some might think my last update sounded a little bitter, and angry. Well, it's not easy seeing your race car go from the best you've taken to the track to a pile of parts laying in the infield. I'm not even just upset about our own car getting torn up. A couple other very good cars were also taken out. My main bitch is in the way that it happened. First off, you can't get 5 wide into the first turn without more than a couple people jumping the start. We're told each week that this will not be allowed but it seems be overlooked every time. Secondly, when cars start to pile up, it makes no sense to plow your way through to avoid stopping and getting sent to the back. It was the first lap folks. There will be a complete restart if you just take your time and let cars get through the mess. Instead though most of the damage was done to 3 of the cars involved because of drivers trying to plow their way through with no regard to other cars or drivers. Some drivers just don't seem to look past their steering wheel and that's just plain dangerous. Others seem to be convinced that they are the only racers out there and that they must get to the lead in the first turn no matter what it takes. That's just as dangerous as well as just plain cocky. Now I don't want to name names or start the blame game but I heard from many folks that night that weren't involved in it, yet we've never heard from one of the main players in the start of the wreck. I don't even expect an apology, but if they were to only own up to being a part of such damage to so many cars, it would make it a bit easier to dig into my pockets and spend a week putting the car back together. Otherwise it leaves me a bit grumpy and therefore you get a bitter news update. I've always said I won't sugar coat anything on this site and I'm not about to start now. I figure it's better to vent here than retaliate out on the track though. We do respect the work that others put into their cars and would hate to see them go through this same thing just because we were a little hot headed out there. Now,,back to work..............

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