Sitting Out This Weekend :-(
Date: Friday, May 14 @ 09:48:59 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Since we were already scheduled to be off from WCS this weekend, it sure would have been great to hit Lakeville on Friday to work the bugs out of the car a bit but no such luck. We're still trying to piece the car back together and the more we work, the more stuff we find to fix. The body panels are back on and the steering box, axle, and a few other pieces have already been replaced. However, we've got more work to do on the rear-end and we need to replace the headers before hitting the track again. We hope to have the headers over the weekend (THANKS Darlene!) and we'll gather the rest of the rear-end parts in the next few days. I'm just hoping all this work pays off and the car is close to as good as it was before the wreck. Speaking of the wreck, I'm looking for any videos or action shots of the mess that I can find for a ummm,, "special project" of sorts. If any of you out there might have something I can work with, please contact me. I also wanted to let everybody know that the Escort mini-stock is gone. It has a new home at McMillen Racing and may even hit the track before too long. It's about time somebody got some use out of it. ;-)

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