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Author Love it!

Joined on:
Aug 9th, 2005

Posts: 207
Posted: 2006-09-06 on 18:10   
God I love to sit and read your stories on here. Just wish you would post them elsewhere also LOL. I agree that the crowd was great, although there's always some drunks in the crowd, and some stupid ones. I didn't get to watch the heat races, special thanks to Brian forgetting his helmet and gloves!! But I did see the B main and to me that sucked too. JR is my favorite late model driver, along with his dad and many others. So I'm gonna bitch when anyone takes him to the tail. LOL....hell I wouldn't be myself if I didn't bitch bout anything!! hahahaha!!!
But anyways, I can't wait to watch the sprint cars, along with the other divisions! Brian will be back in the accura..hopefully that thing holds together!
Goodluck to all...SEE YOU ON THE HILL!

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Joined on:
Apr 1st, 2002

Posts: 351
Canal Fulton Ohio
Posted: 2006-09-06 on 18:46   
Well you caught my screw up. That was the B-main that it happened in. We could all see JR beating the hell out of the steering wheel as soon as he made contact and that's just being a racer that wants to win. He was pretty calm after getting out of the car because he knew it was the right call, just shitty luck. When some of the idiots from the pit stands had the balls to call the track from there and raise hell, I think Jim was more than a little embarrassed by what they were doing. What a shame if you ask me. I've known the old man since I was a kid and he's always been a class act all the way. Well, except when for he's picking on me for causing trouble. By the way,, just how many cars do you folks have left? Enough to finish out the season? Damn,, talk about shitty racing luck lately. If ya ever need a hand throwing one back together just let me know.

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Joined on:
Aug 9th, 2005

Posts: 207
Posted: 2006-09-06 on 21:18   
OK I figured it might have happened in the heat race since I didn't get to see it. LOL..Oh well..we all make mistakes. Of course I can't stand Jason, but that's my opinion. I hate that rule, but it's their rule. I think him and Jason were putting on one helluva show in the B main though.
Yes Jim is definitely a class act. I've known Jimmy for years also. His daughter is the only one I trust to cut my hair now too LOL!! I used to go stay at their house when I was younger. And Jim worked with my Mom at Regal Ware.
But anyhooo...Brian only has the Accura now, Dale has the Nissan and the Escort. We should be able to make it the rest of the year..HOPEFULLY! Thank God for Dale though! Without him we wouldn't be able to race much at all. Brian's leaving for Georgia tonight and be back tomorrow night..fixing the car Friday. Wow he's gonna be busy
But thanks for the offer...he might take ya up on it!
Later Tator!

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