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Author Good thing...

Joined on:
Aug 9th, 2005

Posts: 207
Posted: 2006-10-02 on 10:58   
Well, it looks like Denny and Jeff were the smart ones that left their cars at home! I agree, yesterday was just a mess. Not only did everyone get tore up, but some people we know that aren't liked too well at Lakeville anymore, gets put to the tail for absolutely no fault of his own. Yeah I'm whining again I guess LOL! But damn, I can't figure it all out I guess. Someone else know the reason? If so let me know so I can understand LMAO!! Oh well...I'm ready for this month of action on the HILL! Hopefully everyone goes home in one piece! C U all there!

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Joined on:
Apr 1st, 2002

Posts: 351
Canal Fulton Ohio
Posted: 2006-10-02 on 12:39   
I think I know exactly what you're talking about and I was a bit confused myself. I kinda think that I heard them talking about trying to get him off the track because his radiator was leaking but that just confused me more. Hell not much of anything made sense yesterday!

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Joined on:
Aug 24th, 2003

Posts: 135
Posted: 2006-10-02 on 14:23   
I really did think earlier in the season that I wanted to run the Blowout. Umm,I'm sure glad in some ways my car was not ready.That was just plain ugliness last night.
The Pure stock race was probabbly the best of the night.Congrat to Chad who got a deserved win.We were rootin' for ya.
What are you guys talking about ? Who were they trying to get off the track?

  Profiles of hoss   Email hoss   Edit/Delete Post   Reply with Quote

Joined on:
Aug 9th, 2005

Posts: 207
Posted: 2006-10-02 on 17:24   
Well Yes That was a great race for Craver! I was cheering my lil heart out for him too! Glad to see a local get it and not them southern boys as they're called. It was beyond ugly out there last night! I am just glad everyone was able to walk away after the fact!
Hoss...it was Brian they were trying to get off the track. But I was trying to get him off becuz his a arm busted again and I didn't want to see him over on his top. The radiator broke too. That was special thanks to that #2XL out there. But the 77 went over the hill and still got his spot back. Brian went back to tail. He never touched the 34 and got put to the tail. We are kinda used to it though coming from lakeville!

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