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DFC Racing Forum Index >> General >> OK guys..thoughts on Lakeville
Author OK guys..thoughts on Lakeville

Joined on:
Aug 9th, 2005

Posts: 207
Posted: 2007-09-10 on 22:30   
OK this is boring around here lately! Nobody talking or anything!

Let's hear some thoughts on the so called NEW AND IMPROVED LAKEVILLE SPEEDWAY! LOL

My thoughts...the new owners need to get their shit together or they gonna lose more cars and fans than Schippers did when he was runnin it!

They need to set rules at the beginning of the year and stick to them!

Line them up the right way and start the damn race coming out of turn 4 instead of coming out of turn 2!

And stick to the double file restarts for the mini stocks..makes for a long boring race if they dont!
Get rid of the damn dirty driving mini stocks...use the black flag and don't put 2 cars to the tail when it is plain as day that 1 car caused the whole incident!!!!!!!!!!!

OK now what's ya'lls thoughts on all this crap?

Oh and how about sticking to the YEAR OUT (365 DAYS) for anyone fighting..not just a mini stock driver! That late model driver only got kicked out for the rest of this season! He got out of his car, ran across the track in front of traffic just to run to the pits and knock the shit out of some old man! Someone should've clocked that asshole a good one!

Just my opinions! Trying to stir things up in here Imagine that!

Ok now you can leave your thoughts..come on Duke..I know you're brewing up some kind of thoughts in your head right now.... oh and don't go up to the flagstand..you will have the cops called on you hahahahaha

[ Edited by dawsonracing31c on Sep 10th, 2007 ]

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Joined on:
Apr 1st, 2002

Posts: 351
Canal Fulton Ohio
Posted: 2007-09-11 on 08:18   
I've been debating on posting my thoughts in this weeks update and now ya went and made me do it. See how ya are?

I hope it doesn't come off as a bitch session, because that' not what I intended. I just hope they can get things turned around there. I LOVE the Blowout race and at this point I can't convince myself I have to go this year.

  Profiles of Bob   Email Bob   Go to the user WebSite Bob   Edit/Delete Post   Reply with Quote

Joined on:
Aug 9th, 2005

Posts: 207
Posted: 2007-09-14 on 12:12   
OK sorry I brought it up..but you know me LOL!!! The drama is just unreal at Lakeville! I gotta go every week just to keep up on it all hahahaha
They should have a soap opera for Lakeville Speedway on TV. I'm sure they would get the most drama ever award!
Are you sure you don't want to "RUSH" back down here to check out some more mini stock action?
I'm hoping these owners get their shit together and bring this place back to where it was when Habart's owned it. Chuck and Jim wasn't afraid to stick to the rules and get in the middle of the fights. And what one got the other got..what's fair is fair!
And why u waste so much money going to the pits? We sit in the stands and see more drama than you ever will in the pits LOL!
If you do decide to come back to good ole Lakeville look us up in the grandstands .. You can't miss us there..big mouths and we sit just beside the Rush gang
I can't believe Duke or Hoss ain't been on here to give us some light on their thoughts..wonder where they been hiding? LOL
Well have a good one

  Profiles of dawsonracing31c   Go to the user WebSite dawsonracing31c       Edit/Delete Post   Reply with Quote

Joined on:
Aug 24th, 2003

Posts: 135
Posted: 2007-09-14 on 16:15   
Oh I'm still here and keeping up to date on the latest. I am just tired of bitching about shit. Nothing ever gets done so why bother. I've come to terms with the two issues that get to me most....
1) Lakeville is a dump
2) People will always try to advance the racing classes and not keep them from getting outta hand.(I just can't wait to race my legal car on a regular basis and show 'em what sticking to the rules CAN get ya)

P.S. - Sorry to hear about WCS not being able to run but it does help my goal out though of trying to go a whole year without going there. Now my goal is two years..... Karma is a bitch.

[ Edited by hoss on Sep 14th, 2007 ]

  Profiles of hoss   Email hoss   Edit/Delete Post   Reply with Quote

Joined on:
Aug 9th, 2005

Posts: 207
Posted: 2007-09-23 on 20:33   
Well damn! Ya'll missed the most excitement of the year at Lakeville!
First a Rush and a Hensel got together...guess who ended up on their lid....yeap Hensel..Rush gets his spot back! Feature time, son of Mike Lonas lands on his lid..guess who else is involved?.. yeap u guessed it..more Rush's! Who wins? Another Rush! But before that it just so happens that another Rush loses something on the front end (could've but who cares)...and takes out another 5 cars! Yeah a real exciting..RED FLAG filled night at Lakeville Speedway!
It was quite interesting hearing what Brian had to say to one of the Rush's lol! Suprised he didn't get us kicked out before the blowout!!
Oh well, just wanted to fill ya in on some of that Bob since I know ya wanna "RUSH" right down to check it all out again
So how was it down there at Musky? Seems like I shoulda went there instead! Oh well..live n learn huh?

  Profiles of dawsonracing31c   Go to the user WebSite dawsonracing31c       Edit/Delete Post   Reply with Quote
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